Daily Heliskiing

Helicopter skiing and snowboarding are among the most amazing experiences in the world. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ experiences by providing top quality guides, equipment, and instruction.

Our single day trips are fantastic introductions to the world of heli skiing. We are able to offer full and half-day trips. Our flexible booking policy allows you to plan a single day that fits within your schedule or string several day trips together for an all-inclusive weeklong or weekend package.

All Daily Trips Include

♦ Certified Guide & helicopter pilot

♦ Access to one million acres of terrain

♦ One guide & four clients per heli load

♦ Maximum of four heli loads per zone

♦ Beacon, shovel, probe, & backpack

♦ Harness & handheld radio

♦Required helicopter and avalanche safety briefing

Airbag Packs and Fat Skis available for rental fee

Full Day Rate: $1,275 USD

  • Full day of heli-skiing is 5-8 laps
  • Additional heli-skiing laps are available for $150-$170 per run

 Half Day Rate:  $800 USD

  • Half day of heli-skiing is 3-4 laps
  • Additional heli-skiing laps are available for $150-$170 per run

While we try to accommodate all clients, we cannot guarantee the availability of half-day trips. Please contact our office for information regarding half-day availability.