Ability Levels/Preparation

We have a wide selection of terrain for skiers and riders of various ability levels.  You do not have to be a pro-level rider to have a great time skiing or riding with APD. However, it is important to know your ability level so that we can plan accordingly and fit you into a group with similar abilities and interests.

Ability Levels

Intermediate riders are able to ski fall line on most slopes without too much difficulty and can safely traverse around hazards and terrain traps on the mountain. You may not have the greatest technique but previous experience skiing off of groomed runs is a must while a powder clinic at your local area is recommended if unsure. Long and mellow powder runs at a leisurely pace is what the intermediate seeks.

Advanced riders can maneuver quickly down most slope angles and seek untracked lines more often than groomers. You may have trouble in certain conditions, but are able to power through it using unconventional techniques to compensate. Advanced riders can also traverse well & travel around mountain features quickly. Advanced riders enjoy steeper terrain as well as wide open powder runs.

Expert riders have good style at any speed and in any snow condition. The expert can flow down a line with peace of mind using good technique and has plenty of backcountry or heliski experience in Alaska. You enjoy pillows, spines, couloirs, drops, & steep terrain over long mellow lines.

Physical Fitness

You should arrive to Juneau in ski shape. That means that you’ve had a minimum of 10 riding days this season, exercise & stretch regularly, eat healthy, and stay hydrated. Running, swimming, or biking 30-minutes a session for four days a week a couple of months prior to your trip is recommended if you don’t do so already. Trainers such as wobble boards or SkiersEdge are great ways to build balance, agility, and leg strength. Comfort in your ski boots is key, and a powerful exercise is simply standing in your living room while flexing forward in your boots and holding the squat for as long as possible.


If you have skis greater than 100mm at the waist than we encourage you to bring your own gear. If not, we offer a selection of wide waist skis that float with ease through crud, chop, mank, and powder. Our skis offer a surfy feel and produce turns that are more of a power slide than a true carve. The real advantage is a reduced “burnout” factor. These skis are so efficient and floaty, that you will be deceived into believing that you have the endurance of Lance Armstrong. We also have avalanche beacons, probes, shovels, and backpacks available for anyone who doesn’t own them.

► Remember to bring your own boots if you are renting skis & poles from APD

► We will send you a gear & equipment checklist once your trip is booked Please call or email us a mailto:info@alaskapowder.com