Backcountry Day Trips

Backcountry skiing  provides great  opportunities to intimately experience the mountains. Our guides have years of experience working as professionals in the mountains and can get you to the best spots. For those who are interested in the human-powered side of things we offer plenty of options. We can go out for the day, include a comfortable overnight camp  or stay out for multiple days. We can ski from the road system or we can include a helicopter or fixed-wing drop-off. We can keep it mellow, throw in some steeps, or step it up to full-on ski mountaineering. The choice is yours.

Day Trips from Juneau

Day trips include:

  • Full day of touring accessed from the Juneau road system
  • Beacon, shovel, probe, harness, and radio 
  • Certified Guide

        (Back country skis, splitboards, and air bag pack available for rent)

Daily Tour from Town Rate: $265 USD